Sunday, August 28, 2011

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The Performance Institute’s approach is based on nearly 40 years of scientifically and statistically supported processes that uncover the systemic barriers to change. We probe the root cause – the culture within an organization – and create the direction for sustainable growth. The results help individuals:

  • Understand how current beliefs and attitudes shape expectations for the future
  • Realize how being in control of thoughts, can have the power to change the way one lives their life
  • Obtain heightened self-confidence, self-esteem and a strong ethical center
  • Attain the tools and techniques which will enable them to be more goal and end-result oriented
  • Have ways of looking toward career growth within the organization

For any change to occur, participants from all levels of the organization must be involved. Actions, such as envisioning, open discussions, measurements, evaluations, executive coaching, and individual mentoring all generate the momentum to move forward. The Performance Institute’s alignment process includes the entire team during a phased approach.

Our Process

Assess Culture: The engagement begins with dialogue and data gathering, identifying goals and objectives with the leadership team.

  • Evaluate the shared values, beliefs and expectations that guide the way members interact and approach their work
  • Baseline measurement, providing a snapshot of the current and dominant organizational culture along with the organization’s concept of their ideal or visionary culture
  • Agreement on the cultural focal points and directions for change, using proven and measurable criteria
    • Business ROI
    • Overall and Individual Results
    • Timing of Process

Align Leadership: The experiential learning step for leadership.

  • Investment in Excellence® application and proprietary education on Model, Mentor and Monitor
  • Measure the leadership impact on organizational members’ behavior and performance
  • Executive Coaching
  • Develop a common understanding for leadership to align mission, vision and values with beliefs, behaviors and outcomes

Organizational Engagement: The step to bring everyone in the company in sync, to maximize results.

  • Measure the organizational culture with those other than leadership
  • Incorporate aligned cultural strategy
    • Investment in Excellence® training
    • Model, Mentor, Monitor application throughout organization
    • Coaching
    • Assimilation
    • Team Building

Sustainment: Reinforcement is the key to sustainable change at the belief level, in order to drive new behaviors and in turn new results.

  • Manage educational reinforcement through an internal Train-the-Trainer model, using predefined desired outcomes
  • Maintain organizational coaching and support, offering a continuous display of progress
  • Cultural re-assessments to demonstrate desired organizational change

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